#PoetryDayIRL 2017 & LABEL-LIT

Looking forward to being part of this great project led by poet Maria McManus on International Poetry Day this Thursday!

Label Lit (C) 2014-2020 Maria McManus

Label-Lit is a micro-literature response to the world. The purpose is to share small works of literature, on luggage labels, in public spaces.

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The aim is to share the written word, so whether it is poetry, a maxim, a gut response, a shout out, the quiet voice, a comfort, a gentle confrontation, or just the plain truth, Label-Lit is intended to be shared and is intended to encourage people in other places to connect in evocative, gentle, human ways through literary art and poetry.

For Poetry Day in Ireland 2017, I am co-working with more than 20 other poets to bring LabelLit to public space. I’d initially sought 10 others, but when enthusiastic requests came in, I couldn’t help but respond and include a few more people. So, what’s happening?

Who Are The POETS????

We are a group with participants across all of the island of Ireland, but also Portugal…

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