Liffey Swim reviewed at Burning Bush II

The new issue of Burning Bush II is out, and there’s a great crop of new poems here from Jessamine O’Connor, Alan Weadick, Philip Cummins, Jennifer Matthews, Michael Ray, Fiona Bolger, Anne Tanam and Graham Allen among others. Great to see this consistently good journal going from strength to strength.

There’s also a review of my book Liffey Swim by guest editor Joseph Horgan, alongside a review of Mary Madec’s new book, and a review by Ailbhe Darcy of Dylan Brennan’s Blood Oranges.

Have a read here

Abridged 0-47: A Many Splintered Thing

I’m glad to have a poem featured in the latest issue of Abridged – a gorgeous magazine that pairs poetry with beautiful visual work. Their themes are always absolutely intriguing too, mixing literary awareness with an understanding of the (sometimes mystifying but often very interesting) language of visual art.

The theme this time round was ‘A Many Splintered Thing’ (yup, that’s from a Sisters of Mercy song), and my poem Long Winter is part of a longer sequence about the torturous and conflicted nature of love which I’m provisionally calling Imperfect Love Songs until the day comes when I Google it and discover it’s been used a million times before….

You can have a read of it here.