Poetry Ireland Review 115

I was looking forward to receiving my copy of the latest edition of Poetry Ireland Review, as I’d had two poems accepted for it last Autumn; it was strange and lovely to finally see them in print. They’re both from my book Liffey Swim, so I think the ‘strange’ response comes from seeing them removed from the now-familiar context of the book.

There are some great poems in this edition – I won’t single any out, but I was really happy to see some very strong work from younger writers featured. There are a lot of very well written and considered reviews in this issue too – it feels like there’s been an attempt to catch up on what might have been missed over the past year or so, which is fantastic. I think all poets are intensely aware of how important well-written reviews are. Pick up your copy here

Issue 115

Liffey Swim reviewed at the Cordite Review

I’m really delighted to see Libby Hart’s in-depth review of Liffey Swim  over at Australia’s Cordite Review. The review also contains an interesting reflection on contemporary Irish poets’ relationship with the island itself, and reviews of Kate Newmann and Robyn Rowland’s latest collections.

Here’s an extract:

“Liffey Swim is a confident first collection. The quality of its work guarantees that Traynor is a poet to keep reading and listening to. Her language is fresh, erudite and engaging. Her writing future is sure to be a bright one.”

Now g’wan and read the whole thing here.