My Wall Poem as Gailege

I posted some pictures of the poem of mine that was projected in Krakow as part of the Multipoetry Project on Twitter last night. People responded to it very positively, and translator Dennis King suggested that an Irish version might be a very nice thing too. The very talented Doireann Ní Ghríofa kindly obliged, with Dennis’s help, and here’s the result:

San uair ghairid
atá curtha dínn againn sa teach tábhairne
rinne an bháisteach an tsráid a ní,
déanadh as an nua í; ligimís orainn
gurb amhlaidh dúinn.

My Irish is not the best, but I was easily able to read this version and I think Doireann has been very faithful to the original while finding a new music in it. It sounds very different to the English version when I read it aloud; much more fluid.

So thanks to the serendipity of Twitter encounters and the generosity of Doireann and Dennis, I now have my first Irish translation. I’m delighted, and would like to thank them both.

As mentioned, Doireann is a wonderful poet who writes in both English and Irish. You can find one of her recent poems here, a very haunting recreation of the voice of Emily Dickinson’s maid that was recently published in the Irish Times:

Valise of Memories by Doireann Ní Ghríofa

And here also is a link to Dennis King’s blog:

Nótaí Imill

Do take a look at both.

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