Women of Letters



I’ve been asked to take part in the Dublin session of the phenomenal Women of Letters series, which is happening tomorrow night at the Grand Social. Women of Letters is an Australian literary salon which seeks to revive interest in the lost art of letter writing. For each of their sessions, a theme is set and a group of women (or in some cases, women and men) write a letter on that theme. All proceeds from these events go to charity. Here are the details for the Dublin event – as you can see, I’ll be in great company:


Bestselling author MONICA MCINERNEY

Award-winning actress and star of The Commitments and The General ANGELINE BALL

Ireland AM anchor and journalist SINEAD DESMOND

Writer and journalist/playwright FELICITY MCCALL

Poet, playwright and screenwriter CELIA DE FREINE

Presenter and singer MICHELE MCGRATH

And poet, writer and dramaturg JESSICA TRAYNOR

Writing ‘A letter to the path I could have taken.’

Tickets: http://www.thegrandsocial.ie/event/women-letters/


I’ve been working on my letter for the past few weeks. Initially I found myself in a bit of a quandary, because I don’t feel I can accurately claim that I’ve ever had any doors closed to me in terms of career or lifestyle choices. So I think my response to the theme has become a little conceptual…come along tomorrow night and you’ll see what I mean!



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