Derwent Poetry Festival

A belated post to talk about my trip to the Derwent Poetry Festival last week. This is a  festival run by Templar Poetry which featured some wonderful poets, including Damian Smyth, Matt Bryden, Jane Weir and Michael Woods. A mixture of readings and workshops all set in the beautiful Derwent Valley in Derbyshire, it was one of the nicest poetry events I’ve attended in a long time – lively but intimate, and with a fantastic festival bookshop showcasing Templar Poetry’s beautiful publications.

I had the good fortune to be featured in this year’s Peloton Anthology, which was launched at the festival. Of the fifty poets published, around twenty came to the festival to read and I read alongside Josephine Corcoran, Gareth Prior, Ruth Wiggins, Philip Chambers, David Coldwell, Frances Gallymore, Caroline Gilfillan, RA McRoy, Rachel Spence and Marion Tracy. I also had a chance to see the beautiful Heights of Abraham via cable car during a rare spell of sunshine.

A great festival in a beautiful part of the world. If you fancy a good read, do have a look at the Templar website. Their books are available to buy here:



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