Wordlegs, scurrying about all over the shop…

A belated post to say I’ve some poems featured in the summer issue of Wordlegs, a great online journal for poetry and prose. Haven’t had a chance to read the whole issue yet, but have already had a great time getting lost in the lucid and labyrinthine ‘Body’ by Dave Lordan and Ali Brennan’s startling ‘Wisdom Teeth.’ My poems on offer here:



I’ve finally got around to playing with Word Clouds. I’m brushing up a poetry MS to send to a few different first collection competitions and messing with t’internet is proving a nice distraction. Here’s what you get when you enter a Jessica Traynor poetry collection into a Word Cloud programme (and then mess with the colour scheme for a while. And make it bird-shaped, because, well…birds.)


I’m intrigued by some of the words that have popped out. Have I really used ‘flatness’ in a poem?? I’m not sure if these Word Clouds really point out anything you don’t already know about your work (I was hoping a prospective title would present itself), but it certainly does allow you to spot the odd absolute clunker.